Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm sick of this crap

I really wish the government would have shut down last week.  I think for about 2 years would do the trick.

Yesterday the president Queen said that it's time for higher taxes and he won't take no for answer.  WHAT???  He won't take no for an answer?  Who the HELL does he think he is?

We are in the middle of a recession and our national debt is unsustainable.

I would be willing to pay more taxes if I knew for a fact that government would, oh I don't know, TIGHTEN ITS BELT.  Government spends OUR money as if it's their own money.  Our president Queen has decided that government is entitled to what we earn.  That we are now subjects not citizens, we are slaves not free.

I am  not a slave and I am not a subject, I am a free citizen and it's time to vote these fuckers out of office.  We started this past election now let's bring on 2012.  It's not until every last one of these assholes are replaced that the rest will be shaken up enough to actually LISTEN.

It is not my job to be my brother's keeper.  It is NOT my job to make sure that old people (except for MY old people aka. mom and stepdad, uncle and father in law) are taken care of as they get into their much later years.  It's NOT my job to make sure that everyone has health insurance.  When did everyone's welfare become everyone else's responsibility?

The American Dream is NOT from each according to his ability to each according to his need.  No, that philosophy is evil at its core.

The American Dream is about living in a free society and having the opportunity to achieve and prosper however you see fit.  The American Dream is about self determination, about following your own path, it's about living your own life and taking care of  your own.

Unfortunately, I fear that dream has been forgotten.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the only three things that we, thanks to our creator (whatever that is), are entitled to and our US Constitution was created to secure those three entitlements.   Let's keep our eye on the ball folks.


  1. The phrase "we all have to do our share" means that the people that don't pay taxes will continue to not pay taxes and that the people that already pay more than their share to make up for it - will pay even more.

  2. But, he thinks it's HIS job to tell use what to do.
    I'm betting you'll remember to vote in 2012!

  3. Belle, I agree.

    Amazingly enough, I don't mind paying taxes, but what I DO mind is having a bunch of perpetual, habitual non-achievers (read: LOSERS who get elected to national office) tell me what "my fair share is."

    Both my wife and I started life out dirt poor. No cliche, that's just how it was. Both of our families were damned good people, they just never really got any breaks early on in life--everything they earned, they EARNED by hard work and sweat and sacrfice.

    I joined the military out of high school. In return for my service, Uncle Sam provided me with the means for a college education. I took it, majored in advertising and took the same values I got from my daddy and the discipline I got from the military and rode the career elevator right to the top.

    I'm one of those evil "5-percenters" who want old folks to eat dog food, autistic children to just go away, elderly folks to hurry up and die, and let kids feed on each other in the streets.

    Or so says the Kenyan imposter and his merry band of socialists.

    In reality, my wife and I give generously to charities and causes that mirror our own values. I fly for Angel Flight, we donate to battered women's shelters and I volunteer as security for one special facility where the women are in very real danger from their abusive ex-spouses.

    I'm still hoping all that great military training can be put to use on an abusive husband who manages to stumble upon this facility. . . but I don't think it will ever happen.

    Point is, it is the achievers that make this country run--not the non-achievers, also known as "takers."

    The government runs off of the fuel that we who are employed and ambitious and hard-working provide for it--not the other way around, as so many career politicians mistakenly think.

    My biggest problem with taxes is the incredible WASTE that goes on, the mismanagement of the money, and where it goes.

    Do away with foreign aid. Today. Welfare? Put 'em to work. Food stamps? Fine, but no more cokes, candy, ice cream and junk food with OUR tax dollars. Education? Shut down anything federal having to do with education and turn it over one-hundred percent to the states.

    And so on.

    Until that happens, I'm going to be resentful as hell over every damned penny I pay in taxes.


  4. I'm so glad you're my neighbor! By the way, thank you for your service.


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