Friday, April 22, 2011

Cat Pee

Belle told me that Romeo was in the back yard again, yesterday or the day before. She walked out back and found Miss Kitty holding the high ground on the grill in an eye lock with Romeo on the ground. The diversion of Belle's arrival was all that Miss Kitty needed to get the upper hand. Romeo turned and ran. Miss Kitty was hot on his heels chasing him up and over the fence. She sat at the fence and growled until Belle called her inside.
It is common knowledge that male cats mark their territory. Unless you've spent a lifetime with cats, it is less known that female cats, under certain circumstances will mark their territory as well.
In the powder room (not where the ammo is stored) downstairs we have a guest approved fuzzy rug in front of the lavatory, and another around the WC. This evening, I went into said powder room, and while occupied with the business at hand, my nose began to sniff. Then my eyes began to water. Business done, my first reaction was to turn the fart fan on. A little later, I returned to check the air change progress. Fail. So I relocated both the rugs to the laundry room and noticed an immediate improvement.
I told you that, so I could tell you this.
When my brother and I were grade school, we would walk to my grandmother's apartment after school every day. She had a white persian male cat that was dumber than a box hammers, not neutered, and sprayed everywhere.
If you think a skunk smells bad, you've never experienced cat pee heated in the pan below the coils of an electric stove burner in a one bedroom apartment.
My grandmother was born just before 1900, was raised on a farm, road in a horse drawn buckboard to town, had seen men with six guns on their hip in the general store, lived to watch a man land on the moon, and gagged like a dog that ate a tampon when her male persian cat's pee reached critical temp. She was going to make us a snack after school. Instead, we all opted to evacuate the premises.
The thought of it still makes the inside of my nose burn.

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  1. I didn't realize she had done that. She must have been really pissed! (haha)

    I'll wash the mats when I get home.

    You said, "I told you that, so I could tell you this."

    As funny as the guy is.. PLEASE don't turn into Ron White! ;-)


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