Friday, April 22, 2011

Dual Survival in it's last season

So I'm watching Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel. Two episodes back to back.
In the initial season it was interesting to watch. The barefoot, gaia loving hippie paired up with the still thinks he can run with the young bucks former Army sniper guy.
In the first episode I watched tonight, they just "happened" to run across a fully functional flintlock rifle, musket balls and dry powder in the "middle of nowhere". He showed how to start a fire with the flintlock, and how to a cauterize a self inflicted knife wound with black powder.

Really? ( I can't seem to use that word enough these days)

I'm pretty sure if lost in the middle of nowhere, I would not self inflict a knife wound.

In the next episode, they ran across a massive bee hive. My first inclination would be to move on. But NO, Army sniper guy was determined to get the honeycomb out of the hive. Barefoot hippie thinks this is a bad idea.
SO, he takes his special forces knife and makes torches, smokey torches to subdue the bees. Fortuitously, he has a bag at hand that has a poly tarp and mesh netting with which to make a "beekeeper" suit.

Oy Gevault! Pardon me while I kvetch.


  1. Ah, Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity lasts forever!

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