Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's that word again.......


I'm watching the Travel Channel about the best resorts in Mexico (as if I'm traveling to Mexico any time soon but that's a whole other post) and they are talking about this hotel that is shaped like a pyramid in tribute to the Mayans.

The Mayans who, according to the narrator of the show, built their pyramids emulating the Egyptians.

Do I have to say why this spawns the word, REALLY?!!

Did the Mayans even know that the Egyptians existed?  I think that's highly unlikely.


  1. Everyone knows that the Maya learned about Pyramids from the Egyptians. It happened one vacation when they were in Vegas staying at the Luxor.

  2. BP took may answer.

    2nd choice was an answer rambling on about Mayans watching Stargate. Not as snarky, though.

  3. Wait..what, you mean the Egyptians predated Columbus AND the Vikings in discovering the New World? Whoa! Or was it that the Mayans discovered the Old World before anybody....
    Sorry, major snark attack. It had to come out somewhere.


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