Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornados, Droughts and Weddings, Oh My!

All of those folks in the southern states who have lost their homes and family members, my thoughts are with them.  What an awful mess and more than 200 dead?

Of course the MSM is focusing on the Royal wedding.  What's with all the ugly hats?  This morning on the news, they spent an hour talking about freaking hats!  Ugly hats!

Texas is in its own mess right now with the fires and the drought.  Apparently there was a grass fire along the highway, I must have just missed it because I travel on that road on the way to the creek house.  Also, there are a lot of power outages going on in coastal areas because the salt air corrodes the transformers.  It's usually not a problem because the rain washes the transformers.

A refinery in Texas City lost power causing toxic chemicals to be released into the air, folks in TC were told to shelter in place.  Texas City is of course on the coast.


  1. Unfortunately, MSM knows what makes the lowest common denominator tune in: soft news. I normally watch BBC America to get my news, and not the big 3 networks.

  2. Personally, I was pissed this morning when I couldn't get a weather and traffic report due to the coverage of prince wee wee's wedding.
    Like I give a shit about that.


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