Friday, April 27, 2012

Caution.... The Wildcat You're Looking At WILL Bite!

Well, wish me luck folks.  Last night I ran out of cigarettes and didn't buy any more.  I've put them down (again) with the help of Chantix.

The great thing about Chantix is that now I will get to have all sorts of funny and crazy dreams.  Very vivid, so much so, that last time I took it, I woke up the hubby in the middle of the night.  Apparently I was throwing my arms up in the air shouting 'woah...   woah...WOAH'.

No, I wasn't trying to make a horse stop, I was on a rollercoaster in my dream....:)

So, really I guess it's the hubby that needs the wish of luck since he gets to put up with my occasional crankiness while I work through a bit of nicotine withdrawl.

If I have any particularly funny dreams to blog about, I most certainly will.  It might prove to be quite entertaining.

In the mean time, if I seem snarkier than my usual sweet self for the next few months, just ride it out, I will return to normal soon....  ;-)

Better to put up with sometimes erractic moods, then end up with cancer or some other lung trouble from cigs.

My new best friend?  Tootsie Roll Pops............    just call me Kojak.....  with hair.


  1. I need to start smoking cigs so that I can quit and take Chantix.

    1. LOL.. uh huh..... the dreams are awesome, and very realistic... though if you have a nightmare, it's pretty horrific.

  2. I quit some time back. Just dropped them, stone-cold turkey. Was about to light one up outside, was freezing my ass off, looked at the other stupid smokers freezing their asses off and shivering while puffing and just got disgusted.

    Tossed them in the trash and never looked back.

    Oh there were the days in which I regretted doing that, but I just kept telling myself to not be a wimp and that each day I didn't smoke was another day I'd won. To keep myself from giving in after a week or two, I'd ask myself "Why the hell do I want to give up two weeks (or however long) for ONE F---ING CIGARETTE??? How STUPID IS THAT???"

    It worked.

    What else worked was changing every "habit" I had. Used to be, get in the pickup, turn the corner and as I was rolling up to the light, reach down and grab a smoke, light 'er up.

    Started taking a different route out of the neighborhood.

    Things like that--break the habits of which grabbing/having a smoke were an integral part of.

    You're a shooter and a gun-owner. That means you're tough. You CAN do this.

    Trust me.



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