Saturday, April 14, 2012

Empowering Oneself

Last night, I played in a dart tournament and a girl friend of mine had gone to the gun range with one of our dart buddies last weekend. She had never fired a pistol before until last week, but she really wanted to get back to the range. So last night, I offered to go with her today, which she happily took me up on that offer.

My friend, Pam is a widow. She's older than I am and her son is moving out of the house soon and so this will be the first time that she's ever lived alone.

Her husband had bought her a pistol years and years ago, which stayed in the drawer. It's a Davis Industries .380, I fired it, but didn't really like it.  It was very problematic for a number of reasons.

She shot it, and I was very proud of her. While she didn't hit the bullseye, she was on the target and if it were a person, they would not be standing, I assure you.

What I explained to her is that she is now empowering herself and taking responsibility for her own self defense. She is exercising her right to defend her own life. Her goal is to get proficient with (a new gun when she decides what she wants) and comfortable shooting, then she wants to get her CHL.

I'm taking her to my favorite indoor range in a couple of weeks and am going to get her to sign up with my handgun instructor, Tracy who is very skilled and she will teach my friend without the intimidation factor and I think that Pam will be comfortable with her.

I am so proud of my friend, who also happens to be my partner at the big regional dart tournament and we share the same first name, so our team name was Pam-squared. I made sure to tell her how happy and proud of her that I am and I'm confident that she will do just fine.

I also advised her to rent various guns and make a choice based on what feels right for her and advised her to not let some yahoo or anyone else for that matter tell her what gun would be a good gun for her. She is the only one that can decide that and it's imperative that she choose the right fit, since the gun is a tool that is an extension of your hand.

So here is a pic of her little .380

And this is the box that it came in...  I've never heard of this manufacturer, anyone know anything about them?

After she shot her pistol for a little while, I then, put my XDm in her hands, which she really liked.  I'm really honored to have been there with her today and I am so looking forward to shooting with her again.

It's been a very good day so far, but then any time that I spend with Alexa and a good friend, is always a good day.


  1. Davis is one of the companies that moved around socal avoiding lawsuits back in the 70's and 80's. Not super dependable at all. The forerunner of the Jiminez pistols made in Vegas now.

  2. I agree with dakotas5.
    Your protege' needs to upgrade with something of quality.

  3. I had a Davis .380 a LOOOOOONG time ago. Mine was dependable and surprisingly accurate, but it really was a pot metal piece of junk. Slightly better than a sharp stick for personal defense.


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