Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Shot - Season 4, April 10th

Well, as much as I wanted to see her stay, Gaby was elimanted last night during the regular challenge.

The challenge was fantastic and we ladies were able to drool once more over George.

In practice, Gaby seemed to do really well but they practiced at a much shorter distance than the actual challenge so adjusing for wind and distance was tough for her and she was the slowest to hit the target which was set at 1500 yards.... wow!

So we saw William and Chris in the elimination round and what a close match it was!  "It's not my fault, William" lost out and so he also went home.

I do have to give kudos to Gaby though, she really did handle her weapon well, and she was the first lady shooter to have been sat out because she was perceived as a threat by the other team.. AND I believe that she is the first lady shooter to have made it to the Every Man For Himself phase of the contest.

I would still really like to see a Lady Top Shot season but I don't know, maybe there's not a market for it....  although it seems to me that a bunch of the guys that I know love chicks with guns.......  


  1. I was talking to the hot gun chick at my favorite gun shop and she mentioned having a local Top Shot (not for position, but for fun). I wouldn't mind going against her, and if I do better, well there are condolence hugs.

    I have bowling pins to shoot at. I'm collecting more fun targets, including explosive ones. :-)

  2. Now there's an idea North. The most epic blogshoot ever. Gun Blogger's Top Shot. The BAR will need 8 months or so to plan and save money for the trip.
    Now that I think about it, that brings a song lyric to mind, "If I told you, you had a beautiful body...would you hold it against me?"
    You'd probably get more "action" if it was a congratulatory hug if "she" won by a narrow margin.
    Bouncy, I'm thinking.

  3. No more Top Shot?


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