Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clocks in the house

There's only two I pay attention to anymore. My alarm clock and my cell phone.
The clock on the stove indicates "PF"
The clock on the fireplace mantel is at least 8 minutes slow.
The wall clock in the kitchen is slow by one hour. (month or two it'll be right on time)
My alarm clock is fast by 15 minutes. (because I hit the snooze button at least once every morning)
My cell phone, curse you, always has the correct time.

Years ago, traveling to the left coast, and the other left coast, I quit messing with my wristwatch to reset it  to local time. I had a cell phone, which adjusted itself without any participation on my part.

I don't wear a wristwatch anymore. My Grandfather carried a pocket watch. I have a high tech pocket watch now, my cell phone.
Yeah, I know, if an electromagnetic pulse event occurs, I'll be wishing I still had that wind up Timex from my teens, but it begs the question, "under those circumstances, why would I care.

I've been allotted X number of heartbeats for my life. I've no idea of what that number is.
 As that clock counts down, I find I care less about the mechanical and electronic devices that mark the passage of those pulses.


  1. By contrast... I have over a dozen clocks that run in my home. Most of them are either antique clocks that I've resto-modded or wooden clocks that I've built myself. "Leaping forward" and "falling back" can be a serious pain in the butt around here.

    With all those clocks... I still find myself never having enough time to get stuff done. Irony :)

  2. I never thought of a cell phone as a techno-pocketwatch. Can I pass it on to the grand kids? :)


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