Friday, September 21, 2012

We need a 5 year plan to close the barn door

The horses got out.

"The State Department did not respond to questions about how high the discussion of deploying Marines to Libya reached, whether that discussion amounted to a recognition that Marines were needed there, or why it might take five years to set it up. A Marine Corps FAST team was deployed to protect the embassy on Sept. 12 after the attack and could stay there indefinitely."

It was not a spontaneous protest / riot.
It was preplanned.
it was not caused by a poorly made video trailer.
it was a terrorist attack.
The Libyans were not helping the Ambassador to the hospital.
They were dragging his dead body through the streets.

The Obama administration is the most transparent ever in at least one respect. They are terrible liars. New Media and the blogosphere have become very adept at debunking the B.S. the spew out in a matter of hours sometimes.

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