Thursday, September 27, 2012

25% better gas mileage?

Left at 0-dark-thirty this morning headed for Austin. Drove the same route I've driven many times.
It usually takes a full tank of gas for the round trip.  Topped off the tank this morning and headed out.
The tC is usually right on 1/2 tank when I arrive at my destination. This time I arrived with 5/8 of a tank.
Got home with 1/4 of a tank of gas.
Same route.
Same rush hour traffic in  Austin.
A/C was running the whole way.
Eco mode turned off as usual.
Same lead foot. (speaking of which, I blew past a DPS officer running radar doing 75 in 65 zone and was sure I was going to get tagged.  He was either asleep, or looking for bigger fish)
No recent oil change or air filter change.
No change in tire pressure.
I certainly haven't lost any weight.

pretty strange. I'm stumped.


  1. Filled up with real gas instead of gasohol?

  2. not knowingly. That thought did cross my mind. If that was the case, someone screwed up a delivery to my local Valero station.
    Closest place I know to get real gas is in Sargent, TX, some 88 miles away.

  3. Due to a top secret program I've been running, the slope of the ground in Texas has been warped enough that you were actually going downhill both ways.

    1. Could you run that every other Thursday for the next two years? It's most helpful.

  4. It would have had to have been a category 1 hurricane :-)


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