Friday, September 21, 2012

Living in the Closet

Not... what you were thinking...

The world's narrowest house, in Warsaw, Poland
 47" at its widest. (my walk in closet is wider)
An independent, "boat inspired", water and sewer system.  (water tank and chemical toilet? Niiiice)
No windows.
No views.
No natural light.
No yard, no patio.  (where do I put my "old smokey"?)

The architect notes that the house,
"will require a "spaceship-like adaptability." But that's why it's being built for artists and thinkers, as it's "intended to stimulate the inhabitants with the unusual feeling of being restricted by their surroundings,"
I'll have some of what he's smoking pleeze.
Unusual feeling of being restricted...isn't that claustrophobia?
This is supposed to be "inspiring" for agoraphobes artists and idiots intellectuals? Useful idiots will buy anything.   If they had their way, they'd cram us all in to these sardine cans because it's
a much more sustainable way of living
 You do know that "Sustainable" is the new "Global Worming", right?  The biodiversity schtick never did get any traction.

The U.N. is hard at work for you, as a citizen of the Earth, to figure out how to turn Sustainability into massive cash transfers from first world countries to the ruling despots of third world shit holes. Personally, I'd prefer that the U.N. be sustained somewhere else, like Cuba.

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