Sunday, September 9, 2012

Behold this fully functional blogosphere

The blogosphere has no impact? Ya think?
Tam's spidey senses uncovered this at the beginning of August. (in my own backyard, no less)
One Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms in Katy, Tx. runs his mouth on a local radio station.

Disconnection of mouth from brain is to be avoided. It can create circumstances in which you can actually manage to step on your average sized manhood.

So I unholstered the BAR flamethrower and pig piled.

Of particular interest to me, was the link at the end of Teke's post. I'd not seen this before.
Jeremy gets a lesson in supply and demand.

I'm not looking to have a negative impact on the Wounded Warriers fund raising whatsoever. I personally contribute twice a year in largish sums.

Now that I think about it, skip the latte tomorrow, go here and contribute 5 bucks.

The ocean is made up of rain drops.

In closing, I'll repost my response to a comment left at my post on the subject:

Gaining customers via competition is fair game. Gaining customers by having the Federal Government put them out of business and impinge on my rights in the process is not.

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