Monday, September 17, 2012

D.A.B. V2.0 - Plan meets reality

- leading with what had to be the funniest event of DAB v2.0.
The Redneck Engineer brought his BFG repleat with party favors.

Yes, those are party noisemakers 
duct taped over the muzzle breaks

I think you can figure out what the plan was.
The reality:

Might need more duct tape...
p.s.  turn the sound on...


  1. It has since been determined that insufficient duct tape was used to retain the expanding muzzle brake device, and rumors abound on the Internet that Dora the Explorer Expanding Recoil Reducers may have been met with more success as the material used in construction is much smoother and has a lower friction coefficient.
    Rest assured that the same mistakes will not be repeated today. Top men are working on this. TOP MEN.

    1. lmfao!

      still lmfao...
      wheeze, cough, snort

    2. I'm not sure if you're laughing at me or at my jokes.
      Either way, it's worth 77 cents to try again, since that's how much the streamers were.

    3. The joke. but I will admit your reaction after the trigger was pulled was pretty funny.

    4. What, you've never seen a fat guy laugh before?:)

  2. If TRE is taking requests, how well would a superglued Kazoo do?

    1. Bob, waaaay ahead of you there buddy.

      Off topic question, but are train horns okay at your range?
      No real reason I'm asking.

    2. TRE,

      I'm almost afraid to answer in the affirmative. Let me check the rules but off the top of my head I can't think of a problem.

      And Southern Belle, please delete this message after TRE reads it, I want no evidence that I had any foreknowledge of ANY of his plans. :)

    3. But, Bob, who said I was planning anything? I just asked a simple, off-topic, unrelated, perfectly innocent question.

  3. As a side note, I forgot to tighten down the retaining nuts on the scope mounts before this video was taken. I'm not sure it detracted from the overall humor or added to it.


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