Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My last DAB v2.0 post

I might find another good pic yet.

First,  another thanks to Bob S. and TheRedneckEngineer for organizing and hosting the event.
Second, thanks to Borepatch for the community organizing legacy he left us before heading home to Georgia.
You never know what impact your blog might have, do you?
This post isn't about the cool guns I shot at DAB II. This is about the people I've met at blogshoots.

The BAR "Bloggers we've met" roll was created after the first Lockhart blogshoot, and has been growing steadily since then.

It's a good thing most of us blog*. Blogshoots are not the best venue to meet and greet. Or, carry on an in depth conversation for that matter. We're at the range, we have guns, boy do we have guns, and lot's of ammo and there's a target that needs some shootin' somewhere.

I bet I know more about how my blogbuds think than I know about many of the folks I work with.
I read your considered thoughts on nearly a daily basis. I read about your trials and tribulations, your successes, your happy moments with family, the stuff you build. (I bet if you gave TRE a box of paperclips, he would build a .22 LR zip gun out of it.)

TheRedneckEngineer and I exchanged a few emails post event.  I was not at the height of my game, to be sure the day of the shoot.  TRE expressed concern that I was pissed about something, which was not the case. The fact that he asked says a lot to me.
The Lovely, and Loves her High Caliber Rifles, Southern Belle is the gun nut in the family. Me? I really, really like to shoot, and I'm happy when I shoot well. For me, guns hold no more magic than my torque wrenches though. Did I mention that I like to shoot?

I'm all in for DAB v3.0.  I'll be up for the same reason I came this time. It was to see you guys, and meet some, new to me, bloggers. (and shoot a ridiculous amount of ammo in one day)

* Nick the Blogless gets a pass because he is such a nice and charming guy that has a really badass tactical shotgun.


  1. KX59,

    I fully understand what you are saying. I passed up several chances to shoot really awesome guns because I was talking to people instead.

    Me - the introvert.

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed shooting some of the guns. Paul had a '73 Winchester in .38/.357 which I would sell body parts (not my own of course) to possess.

    But catching up with you and SB (when we could pry her off away from the guns) or meeting Aretae or Jim (owner of a SWEEET M14)-- that was the main event for me.

    I was thrilled the blog dinner came off so well. Thanks to you and SB once again for being a part of these events.

  2. Sorry I missed it this go-round; looks like y'all had an incredible time. Looking forward to the spring!

  3. Kx,

    I wasn't intending to offend. I asked because you seemed pretty pissed a time or two, wasn't sure if I could help. I was the range organizer, of sorts, and it was my job to make sure everyone was having a good time and being safe.

    I enjoy the gun show that inevitably happens any time you get a bunch of us Texans together, but I'm really there for the people. I am a 100% introvert with no life outside my job, school, and family, but around my fellow gun bloggers, I feel completely different.
    I enjoy keeping up with the blogs, but the blogger get-togethers are icing on the cake.

    1. no offense taken whatsoever James. No worries mate.


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