Friday, September 21, 2012

A Black Hole

That's Raaaaacist!
No it is not.
It's where I sent my office this evening. It's a weird feeling to completely remove your workplace from the electronic landscape, and drop it squarely into the stone age.  Well, maybe not that far back. The fax machines are still ...oh, wait, no they're aren't...stone age it is. (why do we still have fax machines?)
No web site.
No voice mail.
No Phones.
No email.
No file servers
No nothing.

Construction work in the server room this weekend so everything had to be shut down, bagged and tagged in preparation.

A workaholic's holiday.

We have way too much crap in there now. The shut down process took to close to three hours. Partially thanks to Winders updates. (gotta love, no I don't.   Sorry, talking to myself)

This was the easy part. Sunday night we have to bring it all back up, and hope to hell everything works right. Otherwise Sunday night might just bleed right over into Monday morning.
Wouldn't be the first time.

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