Friday, September 28, 2012

The High Cost of Doing Business

In California.
Government regulation and taxation do have a very real affect on business.

The Golden Tarnished State inches ever closer to complete bankruptcy, all courtesy of their corrupt progressive and environmental overlords.



  1. Its a shame that Progs won't learn from this. If they stay true to form they will never question their own methods. Instead, they'll plot to make every other state suck just as much so that there's no place to run to.

  2. They need to move to Texas and fire up the cannery. We have the incentives available.

  3. There's already a Campbell's plant up in Denison, here in Texas.
    It's one of the biggest job providers in that area.

    What's funny is the Assemblyman who is shotgunning the Kool Aid, even in light of overwhelming evidence otherwise.

    “For over 65 years, the Campbell’s plant has been a major employer in our region,” Assemblyman Roger Dickinson (D-ranged-Sacramento) said in a statement after Campbell’s announcement. “It is unfortunate that Campbell’s has chosen to close their oldest plant and in the process lay-off 700 employees. As the economy slowly improves(my emphasis), closures like Campbell’s and Comcast here in our own backyard, reminds us all that unemployment is still at over 10 percent and we have a long way to go until a full economic recovery.”


    The economy in Texas is much better than many other states, but we're still in a bit of a slump.
    It must suck for a lot of those Californians who absolutely hate Texas to see how much better things are here.


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