Sunday, September 9, 2012


Not the slithery kind.  Although I've had many interactions with both poisonous and nonpoisonous.
I have a live and let live attitude. As long as you are not within the kx59 snake personal space zone and you move away, mr. or mrs. snake, you are good to go. Otherwise, I will kill you with a softball, or anything else at hand.
I digress.
This was supposed to be a public service announcement post about how to snake your sewer with a garden hose.
If you have young'ins, which one of their chores is to clean the kitchen each night, instruction to run the disposal while dumping left over spaghetti will avert the need for this helpful tip.

If you dump left over spaghetti into the disposal while it is not running, it will snake it's way down into the main sewer line under your house.
I know this because the main sewer line under our house clogged up, with about 10 pounds of accumulated spaghetti, some years back.

How to snake your sewer with a garden hose:

Remove cleanout cap. ( if you do not have a wrench, a pair of channel lock pliers, or cannot find the cleanout cap..default to plan B and call a plumber)

Actually, the previous step was the second, (I learned this after garageneering this)
The First Step is to put on clothes that you were going to throw away any way.

 Open hose valve full on, drag garden hose to scene of crime.
Insert hose into cleanout and begin back flushing sewer pipe.

There are ridges in the pvc pipe connections under your foundation. These will cause the end of the hose to hang.  The way you get past these is to twist the hose as you push it down the pipe.  Push, twist, push, twist, etc.  When you hit a hard spot that won't seem to give, you've found the clog, and it is time to put some moxy behind it.

I did mention to wear clothes you don't care shit about, didn't I?  Oh, and especially shoes.  You won't want those after you are done with this.  I'd suggest flip flops, but it is just gross the stuff that back flushes out. So you'll have to use your best judgment. In retrospect, gallon zip lock baggies closed with zip ties around the ankles might do in a pinch. Hip waders might be better.
At this point it is a twist, ram, twist, ram operation.
You will have achieved success when crap ceases to backflush out of the cleanout.

Final step is to disrobe before entering the house, and rinse with a different garden hose.

oh, one last helpful pointer: 
keep your mouth closed


  1. Been there a few months ago. Pure shit job.
    Did pretty much the same thing, but wore my work uniform, because they launder it for me.
    According to the uniform guy, they burned that uniform instead of washing it.

  2. I'm sorry brother, but that last pointer should have been first. I read instructions on the fly.

  3. I have a family member that used to do this for a living with the sewer co. Poor guy.

    I hope the finl note was not learned from experience.

  4. Do a search for a "Drain Cleaning Water Bladder" they work pretty good. As long as there is someplace for the stoppage to go.
    You have to make sure that the expanding part goes past the the vent pipe.

    Another way is to use a high pressure pump.
    You replace the handle with a the solid stream spray, you screw the spray head to the end of the hose. Then run the hose to the stoppage and turn the pump on.

    In both cases hot water helps some of the time.

    If neither works, call a drain cleaning specialist and picking a good one of those is almost a art. Watch out of those that try to sell the digging up and replacement of you drain pipes. Thats where a 50 to 100 dollar drain cleaning job goes to a 5 thousand hole in your yard.

  5. My dad used to do this for a living...he did so much for us.

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