Friday, September 7, 2012

May I borrow someone's muse, please?

I got nothin to write about these days.

I have been keeping below the radar this week, working away, trying to keep my head above water... yay!

Good news is that at least the DAB will be upon us soon!  Yay!

Can't wait.


  1. I don't seem to be using mine, lately, feel free to borrow it.

  2. I see to alternate having no desire to blog and having such frustration at what I read that words fail me -- well at least words I can publish.

    Looking forward to the D.A.B. also - gonna be great seeing old friends and making new ones.

    Of course, I have some fun scheduled before then. My daughter in law, who has never shot before, wants to go to the range this weekend.

  3. I gave up on writing about stupid people and things that anger me long ago on my last blog.
    Now I just write about my hobby of building guns and sometimes shooting them. I don't post every day, and I refuse to feel bad about it.


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