Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bad Habits and Old Friends

I get attached to my vehicles. I've not driven that many, personally.  (not counting rentals)
1968 VW (hand me down, rebuilt engine and trans..god I wish I still had that. There's a long back story that is a whole nuther blog post)
1978 Dodge long bed Van. (The epitome of Detroit quality control. The visors didn't even reach the center clip off the show room floor.)
1983 Renault Alliance (first new car I ever bought myself post college, 5 speed stick, wimpy engine)
1988 Ford Ranger Pickup. (loved it. But Detroit's quality control was still shit, got 96K miles out of it before I traded it in.)
My childrens was born and as they grew, the car seats were getting a bit big for the Ranger's bench seat.
Needed an SUV.

1996 Jeep Cherokee, 2wd. 4.0 liter inline six engine.  High ground clearance station wagon.  Light and over powered.  I clocked over 180,000 miles on it before I let my daughter destroy it.  I loved that car.
A lot of fond memories associated with that old girl.
My jeep key had a little "dragon tooth" on it that cut the seal on my copenhagen can just right.
(copenhagen?  Yes, I'm a highly educated, and licensed by the State of Texas, redneck. Not your average Artichoke Architect)

Then came the inherited 1989 Astro beater van. of which I've written before. Still have it, but now I'm driving something more fuel efficient, and faster.

I discovered tonight, that my Scion tC key has a dragon's tooth on it. It cuts the seal on my copenhagen can just right.

Still miss my Cherokee though.


  1. Glad to see you passed it on to your daughter, my teenage daughter wants mine as well, god bless her redneck little soul, musta done something right!

    Mine is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4WD (XJ) which I admittedly have a mancrush on, I love this vehicle like no other I have ever owned. With a mild lift kit and a little larger rims and tires, it handles everything. I've owned plenty of other vehicles before it, some many times more expensive from an Acura MDX to an FJ Cruiser Trail Team, completely decked out, and still the Jeep wins hands down.

    1. whether it was a good thing or not is debatable. She wrecked it three times. One time it was declared totaled. Fortunately, neighbor friend owns a body shop :-)

  2. ah yes, the fond memories of that old black Cherokee... very fond....... :)

  3. I'm still wishing I had my old 70 Malibu, or my 72 Chevy Blazer. Man, I loved both of them.

    1. I remember my Dad's 73 Blazer - full time 4wd. Even with street tires on it, that thing was a beast.
      Every now and then I muse about picking up an old VW Bug and re-doing it. I find if I sit and grit my teeth for a little while, the feeling goes away. ;)


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