Monday, February 6, 2012

The Half Time Performance

Well, Madonna did okay for her performance, though I was way underwhelmed.  She's 53 so I really wasn't expecting much anyway.

Apparently on of the other folks that were performing with her, MIA, flipped the TV cameras off.  Really?  When are the stars going to realize that they are older than childish pranks on national TV?  Even Justin Beiber wouldn't pull such a thing.

It was a trashy thing to do, yes but it happened so fast that no one really noticed.  Well except the talk show pundits.


  1. As far as the "flipping the bird" thing. . . do you really expect anything less from the hip-hop/rap-crap crowd?

    I'm trying to imagine George Strait or ZZ Top or Lynrd Skyrnd or Paul McCartney or Tina Turner flipping the audience off during a half-time performance.

    Just can't seem to wrap my mind around that image.


    1. Blogger is messing with me again option to comment so had to reply under An Ordinary American. (Thanks for letting me hitchhike, AOA)

      Wanted to let you know I nominated you guys for the Liebster award.

      : )

  2. And I gave you a Liebster as well! :-D

    Now you have a Liebster and a spare! Come over to my blog and get your award.


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