Thursday, February 23, 2012

Overheard at the bar.......

So last night was dart night.  It's really hilarious when someone says something that is so out of character for them.

This little woman, and I mean little, she's only 4'11" was having a real good time last night.  She's in her mid 50's and one of the sweetest and proper ladies that I know in the dart the dart world.

She was dancing, back to back with this other dart player (a guy) and this is the conversation:

lady:  i'm having so much fun!
guy:  *bumps her hips with his butt*
lady:  "oh my god, you're so HARD!
me:   "how the hell can you even tell from that angle?"
guy:  *blushing and speechless*
the rest of the bar:  *laughing their asses off*

Sheesh.  Next week is my last week for Wednesday night league.  I'm hanging it up during the week and trading darts and beer for tactical lessons at the range.

A girl has her priorities you know.

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