Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's on Netflix tonight?

Burn Notice. I got totally hooked on the show while my daughter was here recovering from oral surgery.  My previous TV series binge was Firefly, about which I have a question. Did Firefly only run for one season? Or, are there more?


  1. Firefly was only on TV for one season, but they went back and closed the series with a movie, Serenity.

    If you're bummed that that's all that is available to're in good company.

  2. I've seen the movie as well.
    bummer. Well, at least I have some closure now. :-)

  3. Not to sound too much like a browncoat fanatic, but there are some comic books, too.

    Oh, and good choice on Burn Notice. You might also like White Collar.

  4. Gabrielle Anwar is remarkable!
    And, if you care, the lead actually holds like two black belts, so the martial arts are somewhat realistic.


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