Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some folks don't believe me when I tell them this

But... the relative humidity tonight here at the BAR is 97%...and it is not raining.
Seattle has a reputation for a lot of effing rain. It is so gray and rains so often, that Seattle's suicide rate is exceptionally high.
Has nothing to do with it. I've traveled to Northern California, Seattle, and Portland many many many (insert infinity symbol here) times over the course of my career.  They are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful places you could ever go..ever. ( did I mention EVER)
Those places also attract loons like a high cliff to lemmings.
97% humidity speaks condensation on my new rice rocket in the morning and a bad hair day.
Try 36" in three days as in tropical storm Allison. ( Three Feet..A Yard get the point)
Take that Seattle.
I digress.
We might get some much needed rain tomorrow.
As a foot note, it you look up the meteorological data on Seattle, there are quite a number of places that get as much rain as Seattle in a given year.
BAR would be one of those, but we get it sporadically in dumptrucks. The highly Progressive City of  Seattle gets it if urinal doses.
poetic justice ne'ct pas?

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  1. Did you just say "Piss on Seattle?" Sorry had to say it. The loons did not start migrating north until Oregon opened it's southern border. Lessons to be learned.


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