Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pigs and Pythons - I have a solution

The feral pig problem has gotten so bad that all you need is a hunting license and a gun down here.  There is no season, well there is but it runs 364 days a year (365 in a leap year). As soon as I get my kids out of college, I'm taking the 12 gage with the 42" barrel and going helicopter hunting.
Florida has a pernicious problem in the Everglades.
Pythons.  So many jackholes have released pythons into the everglades that they are rapidly becoming the dominate species and consuming the preponderance of mammals down theah. (sorry, my southern dialect leaked out)
There are rednecks in Florida. I know there are. (what am I saying? we are the most ubiquitous homo sapiens species on the face of the planet) 
Open the season on snakes. Hell, it will be a whole new cable reality show. What'ev Dude! You Noodle Catfish?  I Noodle 30 foot Pythons!
Where's my shotgun?


  1. I would noodle a catfish waaay before a python. But I see some cool stuff in what you propose!

  2. And my usual thought is - "What does it taste like? Can it be grilled?"

  3. Chicken! Everything unusual tastes like chicken.

    1. Ha ha! Today is Groundhog Day and I found some recipes for groundhog. It's said it tastes like dark meat...


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