Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh the contrast............

I have been saying for some time now what this country needs is another Ronald Reagan.  I am posting up his farewell address to the Nation and notice the contrast between him and the man that we have in the White House now.

When Reagan, close to 4 minutes in, starts talking about job creation, the word "I" does not pass his lips, it gives the credit to where it belongs....  the people.

When he speaks about things that got done through Congress, he doesn't say "I", he gives the credit to the voters who made phone calls, who demanded that Congress take action.

Yes we need another one like him. 

I miss him.

Can someone say, Marco Rubio?

Hopefully he will be on the Repulican ticket.... or run the next Presidential election.


  1. Reagan's regiments. I remember watching that speech and wondering how the next chapter was going to be.

    Rubio: The safety net cannot be a way of life. Governments job is to protect, not to grant our rights.

    Two sadly poignant speeches.

  2. I was listening to the Radio on the Bus yesterday and the host was talking to a Senate Candidate for TX running against DoWorst. He was being touted as a Marco Rubio / Rand Paul Type for TX. He may be work looking into. I certainly intend to.

  3. Thanks Keads! Every now and then, when I'm feeling a little gloomy and blue, I will find some Reagan speeches and listen to them. His optimism and his love of our country and our way of life, is so deep, it's inspiring.

    @CoolChange - I graduated high school in 1986 and so Reagan was my President from the time I was in Jr. High until after I graduated, so I literally grew up Ronald Reagan and I admired him and payed attention to him when he spoke, which was kind of geeky for a kid, but he is a big reason that I see things they way I do.

    @Teke - I would LOVE a Rand Paul/Rubio ticket someday. Do you remember the guy's name who they interviewed? I would love to look in to him.


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