Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scion tC review - two weeks in

I'm about half way into the break in mileage so far, so I haven't really romped on the accelerator yet.  But, the part throttle acceleration I've done so far hints at some get up and go from that little 2.5 liter 4 cylinder.  The only detriment so far is that there are some blind spots. The rear quarter windows are small, and with the spoiler on the back, changing lanes requires some serious attention. I'm still adjusting to the low horizon and small mirrors compared to the Astro Beater Van, but I'll adjust..I'm sure :-)
With the 6 speed auto transmission, the car cruises at 70 mph at around 2100 rpm, which is highly beneficial for gas mileage. The tC is not a super gas mileage econobox, nor is it Chevy Camaro killer, but it is a really fun car to drive.
On the gas mileage, by now on my daily commute, I would have hit the gas pump three times. I've hit it twice. Now, I must qualify that because I never fill up. I usually do about ten gallons or so. Home economics is based on cash flow in, and out. Cash flow in, and out is directly related to time, and so I parse fuel purchases.
From my research prior to buying the tC, it was pigeon holed by the Car Mags as a first car you'd buy for your Son or Daughter when they first got their license. Those guys seriously need a reality check.
It's not a question of whether your newly driving teen will have an accident, but when. I have four of them. The only one that hasn't wrecked her car yet is the youngest. But, she hasn't been driving too long just yet.
I digress.
The interior is not leather, and there is no option for that but the interior fit and finish is really well done.
By today's price standards, considering what you get, this car gets a KX59 best buy award.
Right about the time my factory warranty runs out, aftermarket parts should be available for the 2012. And..then, the fun really begins. Guys that drift race these little rice rockets have jacked the horsepower up over 300 with no detriment to the stock engine internals.
Heh..mid life I Come!

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