Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slowly winding my way back to

From grade school up until ten years ago, or so, I was a voracious reader.  Read lots of stuff about Sharks, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Dolphins, Whales and Indians as a kid. Read enough fiction over all those years to fill a super tanker with paperbacks.
Reading American history was not high on my list. ( it wasn't on my list actually. Well, ok, Indians are part of American History, but...sorry, fell down a rabbit hole )  In the meantime, I read auto repair manuals, transmission rebuild manuals, etc., etc. Stuff that saved me money reduced my expenses. (spending less is not saving)
Ten years ago, or so, I went dormant on reading books, as in total hibernation. Last year, a month or two prior to my 52nd Birthday, with all the shit that has been going on, I felt a small but determined tug at my soul to start reading the writings of our Founders. The first thing that popped into my head at the time was the "Federalist Papers".  So, the Lovely Southern Belle  got me a Kindle Fire for my 52nd birthday last year and I went on the hunt.
While hunting, I found a book on the "Federalist Papers" and a book on the "Anti-Federalist Papers".  Started reading both, but got sidetracked.
YeoldFurt posted about "Paul Revere's Ride" by David Hackett Fischer and gave it a one gun salute from "Bob".  So I got it and read it.  He was right. It was a good book.  Lot's more going on in Mr. Revere's story than, "one if by land, two if by sea".
Then I got sidetracked again with fiction novel, "An Act of Self Defense" by Erne Lewis. I ran across this from a post by one of the bloggers on the Gun Blog Blacklist. I can't recall who it was, otherwise I'd be sharing some linkylove. 
I'd started my slow trek back to reading books with "The Federalist Papers", which were not "speaking" to me. So, I hit the "Anti-Federalist Papers" on my Kindle Fire again.  
This I find connects. I've been highlighting passages that speak to current day events.
"...when business is unshackled, it will find out that channel which is most friendly to its course." (unlike socialism)

"Whenever men are unanimous on great public questions, whenever there is but one party, freedom ceases and despotism commences" (See much difference in the two parties these days?)

"Antifederalist No. 11: Unrestricted power over commerce should not be given the national government." (Commerce Clause?)
Late to the real American History party, but working on catching up quickly. And, reading, voraciously again.


  1. Yeah, I finally made the leap to a Kindle this past Christmas myself. I read a lot before, and I've picked up the pace even more now. Now I don't have the irritation of tons of books with no place to store them - or the sad trip to Halfpriced books to sell them for nothing. Took my last six printer paper boxes full of books in to sell last week and got a whopping $40 bucks for them... grrrrrr.

    Its nice having what you want at your fingertips - and much of it free to boot. Now I just have to pick up a solar charger for emergencies/shtf contingency and I'm good :)

  2. Heh, I found out today that there is a "lending" library for Prime subscribers as well.
    I'm going to have to get new glasses.


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