Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl commercial review

I watched the game, it was a pretty decent game and the last minute was rather exciting.  That being said, my give a crap level of the game itself was as low as ever considering that unless it's Houston in the Superbowl, I really don't care who wins it.

The only reason that I even bother having the game on my television is that I enjoy the commericals.  So I am going to give a point of view on some of my more favorite commercials.

I will say that the automotive industry really ramped up their commercials with some great humor.  Doritos was another product that had a couple of very funny commericals.

I am going in order that I saw them (as best as I can), not rating from my favorite to the worst.

First up we have an Audi commercial where a vampire is driving an Audi to a vampire gathering in the woods and the car's  headlights are so bright it's akin to daylight and suddenly the vampires start going up in smoke.  Eventually, the vampire driving ends up in the light as well and poof there he goes.  It was a great commercial.

Next up it's Doritos with a dog, who had 'gotten rid' of the family cat and bribes the man of the house with Doritos so that he will keep quiet. The music in the background is from The Barber of Seville and it's really a cute commercial.

Next up is a Pepsi commerical that gave the hubby a chuckle. This one featured Elton John as king and a singer comes in, singing he offers her a Pepsi and she throws a can at a lever and King John falls through the trap door in the dungeon.

The next funny commercial was a Hyundai commercial featuring their new Veloster turbo car, two guys and a cheetah. One guy is in the car, the cheetah in a cage and the other guy standing beside the cage. The car revs up and the guy gives the nod.. the cheetah is released and chases the car.... the cheetah knows a lost cause when it sees on, then turns around and looks at the guy by the cage and takes off after him... reminding us all that you don't have to outrun the animal that is chasing you, just outrun the guy next to you!

Now, Chevy really brought a good one. Boy is graduating high school, he walks outside and his parents have a mini fridge with a bow on it, but behind them sits a yellow Camaro. Naturally, the boy thinks the Camaro is his present he is screaming and jumping up and down.. his friends all come running up along with his girlfriend. The parents are saying, "should we tell him?" "Let's wait until he tires himself out." Turns out it's the neighbor's new car and said neighbor gets in the car and drives off. The boy says, "Mr. (can't remember the name) stole my car!"

I think that one of my favorites of the night is a Doritos commercial. Kid is playing on a swing set, teasing his baby brother and grandma with Doritos... saying.. "I have some and you don't"... baby is in a jumping bungee thing and grandma is in a wheelchair... grandma takes baby and backs up and sling shots the baby to the boy, baby grabs Doritos and grandma and baby eat Doritos. The sling shot action is done to the tune of The Drinking Song from La Travatia.

Betty White his a good commercial with the advertisement of The Voice, a new show coming on NBC. She was flirty as ever.... telling the guys to look at her eyes, not her boobs... what a firecracker.

Clint Eastwood had a commercial with Chrystler, 'It's half time America'. While my emotions are mixed about the commercial, the speech that he is giving is really beautiful. I have issues with promoting a car company who accepted a bail out. Is that our tax money that both Chevy and Chrystler used to make and pay for a spot for these ads? Hmmm....

Another great commercial was Seinfeld trying to bribe the guy who is first in line for the new Acura into giving up his spot for the new model. He offers up munchkins, an alien corpse and a bunch of other things finally getting the guy to give in by zip lining him across Manhatten. They are on a rooftop and Jay Leno shows up with a jet suit on.... the guy gives Leno the spot instead.
Also there was a spoof on Ferris Bueller's Day off for the Honda CRV that was cute.

So that's about all that was worth mentioning, or that I saw that was worth mentioning. I'm sure that there will be lots of write ups on ads that I've missed.

At any rate, football season is over, time for March madness then after that baseball!

Here is one that I just have to post because it's really hilarious.


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