Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Much Needed Recoil Theraphy

Unfortunately, I don't have pics to share, but yesterday after work, I stopped off at the range and gave my precious Natasha (the Tokorev SVT-40) a little TLC.  As always she fired strong and true with the perfect amount of sass.

I shot well, so I was quite pleased but I always laugh when I go to the range on a weekday toting my rifle.  I guess it's because the good ole boys at the range aren't accustomed seeing a woman walk up with a big gun all by herself without a boyfriend or husband to hold her hand.

I got the 'what are you doing here and should we take cover?' look as I passed the group of guys who were shooting their AR15's and other shooty goodness items.  I sat down at my bench, removed Natasha from her case and once i got her loaded and ready, I fired that first shot and you would have thought that the guys were going to get whip lash!  They jerked their head around so quick and proceeded to watch me empty the first magazine.

While I was loading up again for another round of fun, one of the guys said, "whatchoo got over there?"  So I told them and they came over to have a look.

I offered to let them have a go with it, but the answers I got were... "Oh no, I'm not shooting that thing!"  (wimps)

It was a fun afternoon shooting which provided me with some much needed recoil therapy.


  1. Love it.

    One of our friends was telling a similar story about their daughter with some boys practicing baseball down the street. They started picking on her saying cheerleading was not a sport. After a few days mom told her next time they do it do xyz. she was hesitant finally she did it and their jaws hit the pavement. A little while later mom looked out and the boys had put down their baseball goodies and were trying to do cartwheels in the front yard.

    Nothing shuts up the aww fragile little lady crowd like a little bit of being upstaged by said little lady.

  2. Vibration under the feet, smoke whisping up from the barrel, the smell of gun smoke. Amazing what good therapy that is.


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