Friday, February 10, 2012

War Pron

While looking for youtube tube videos of geehadists blowing themselves up, I come across this...
Now that's what I call Advertising!

I laughed. Laughed out loud. Is that wrong?
One thing that really gets me about this though. This add is from the Formerly Great Britain. One of the biggest Nannystate countries on the face of the planet. Gun? No! you can't have a Gun! When the hooligans riot you'll just have to ring up the Bobby with his night stick. And, don't you dare try to use that donner knife to protect your restaurant! I mean it! The Bobby will be right 'round to scold the rioters.
I can't think of any add remotely similar to this I've seen  here in the U.S.
Well, whatever. I'll take my gun rights over edgy TV adds any day.


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