Sunday, February 19, 2012

ooOOHHhh! That's where I left that damn thing...

Stupid Global Worming! It never got cold enough, for long enough to put the St. Augustine grass into dormancy. So, here I am, on a break from mowing the freaking grass in February!
The grass growth did slow down a bit, giving the weeds a solid head start on the growing season.
It's not all bad though.  I found the Rainbird battery powered irrigation timer I had misplaced...with the mower.
As The Bayonet is wont to say; Add it to the List of things caused by Global Worming.
Irrigation timers disintegrated by lawn mowers. The Harrah! 

I also found one of the garden hoses. Fortunately, not with the mower. It was just buried in the grass, and interestingly enough, slowly working it's way down into the dirt.


  1. The Spring flowers are already starting to come up. Other than a few chilly days and two days of snow there has been no winter up here to speak of. Glad you found what you were looking for though.

  2. Over here at the 100 acre woods we are busy cutting dead trees. Of course the more you cut, the more sunshine. Thus more grass. I'm gonna just let it grow and bale it when it's ready! Mwwwaaaahahaha!


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