Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magical Signs

Rainy and Misty this morning. The Architects that did the remodel on our office building ground floor lobby saw fit to put polished marble on the floor, outside the entry doors from the garage. I guess they thought it would be ok, given it was under cover and enclosed.
The marble is wet this morning and on the slickish side. So building management's solution is to throw down a little rubber mat that covers 20% of the stone floor area and place a yellow rubber cone that encourages "caution, wet floor" in Spanish no less.
I saw all of this of course upon approach. So, I shortened my stride, centered my mass and still slipped. No fall and no torn ACL, but I certainly felt the stress on it.

The part of this little story that really chaps my ass follows:
I made a beeline to the guard station in the lobby and alerted the two eyeballs with a walkie talkie standing behind the desk that the marble floor outside the doors is very wet and very slick. Eyeballs responds that, "that is why we put the sign."  Momentarily dumbfounded, I told Eyeballs that I almost slipped and fell.  Eyeballs responds, "yes, that is why we put the sign."  Wow, that must be quite a magical sign. It kept me from falling on my ass.
I walked away shaking my head.  We allow these people to have drivers licenses and voter registration cards.

If they don't have a slip and fall lawsuit on their hands before noon, I will be highly surprised. I guess dry mopping the floor would require too much effort.
In lieu of a derogatory epithet incorporating the word "dumb", I'll sum up all the cuss words bouncing around in my brain pan with, "REALLY?".


  1. Mopping sounds like work. Pppheh.

  2. The brilliant designers of our complex put slicky, polished pavement between buildings. Which had to be taken up of course after several breaks and torn ligaments. Your tax dollars.

  3. "Mopping sounds like work. Pppheh."
    Mind your words there young SkunkTrapper.
    "Work" is a four letter word. :-)


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