Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nice going ya buncha jackwagons

Fucking morons.
2 million more republicans turned out to vote for John "fucking" McCain than Mitt Romney.
Obama gets a second term.
Way to go. Vote your conscience for the libertarian candidate, whatever the fuck his name was. 1 million votes he siphoned off.  Write in Ron Paul's name on principle.
The lot of you are as bad as the uninformed retarded liberals. Stupid is as stupid does.
Those of  you that sat on your ass instead of voting because you've given up and thrown in the towel, by all means, enjoy the next 4 years. After all, unemployment benefits last nearly two years now.  Obamacare kicks in and then the lay offs really spike. It's already happening.

Within 24 hours of Obama's win, the U.S. threw our support behind the UN small arms treaty.
Not THEIRS, OURS. The Obama administration did this on YOUR behalf.  It you believe you are somehow prepped and insulated from this shit, you are sadly mistaken and just as bad as the mush headed liberals.  Your sin of omission.


Did I mention I am pissed about this?
Shame on you.  Enjoy your mud hut.


  1. If Mitt Romney can't sell the package to Republicans, it's hard to see how you blame the libertarians.

    1. Thank you BP! I was trying to explain that last night to no avail.... yeah I held my nose and voted for Mitt but the problem is that Mitt couldn't excite the base.

    2. Mitt certainly wasn't my first choice. Given the array of primary candidates I never had one I could hang with through the whole republican primary debacle.
      The fact of the matter is that under the circumstances, not voting, or voting for a third party candidate was a vote for obama.
      The crux of the situation was that obama needed to go, and go right now.
      Pray for the remaining conservative Supreme Court Justices. Pray that they have enough left in them to last another 4 years. I doubt it.
      Prepare yourself to repeat the same 2nd Amendment fight of the past two or three decades.
      Prepare yourself for the fiscal cliff.
      Elections and politics are not a philosophical undertaking.
      Elections have consequences.

  2. Go on, tell us how you REALLY feel! :-)

    1. As Aunt Mona from deep East Texas used to say, "I'm am seriously ticked off...praise the Lord".

  3. Mud hut? Do you know the taxes on a mud hut?!? I'm lucky just to have a dung heap.

  4. Let me expand on my last statement. The voters i=of the USA turned their backs to me. I am merely returning the favor.

  5. No mud hut for me. I'm gonna live under a bridge and sell roses.

    1. I don't really know why that struck me as so funny,
      but thanks for the Laugh!

    2. It's funny cause I'll be at the corner of 2920 and 45. I'm kickin' them all out! Yer welcome.


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