Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good things come in small packages

This past week my boss brought to me a Walther P22 that his son had dropped in the sand.

Now, keep in mind that I have never handled a Walther P22 before, much less field stripped and cleaned one up.

He asked me if I would please clean it up for him...  oh he brought it to me already taken apart.  I reluctantly agreed to do it (reluctantly because I was worried about getting the thing put back together again.

So, I brought it home...  cleaned it up as best as I'm equipped to do and managed to find a You Tube video on how to field strip and reassemble one and got the thing put back together.

We went to the range today so I brought the Walther so that I could test it out.  Success!!  It works.

I really liked the gun though. It was fun to shoot and it was really accurate.

I have to say that I was shocked that my boss asked me to help him out considering that there are other shooters in the office.  It makes me feel good that he trusted that I could get it right... yay!

I think that if I ever wanted to buy a little .22 pistol, a Walther would be a decent choice.

The Belle is happy today....   The Belle got to go put some rounds down range, not just the .22 but naturally I had to take Alexa and Lil Sis along for the ride.....  

Ahhh...   shooty goodness!


  1. P22 is indeed a fun gun. I always struggle with getting the recoil spring back in without twisting. Haven't found the right movement I guess.

  2. It was kind of a pain and not a one handed job.. i just guided the spring carefully with my finger and got it to go just fine.. very fun gun.

  3. All right, I'm bring my guns over to Belle's place to get cleaned.

    And maybe there will be alcohol and drunks with pointy things, too. ;-)

  4. I'm seriously thinking of getting into archery... more pointy things!


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