Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pretty much sums it up. In a much more polite manner than my blowtorch post about the election.
The two items left out were those that did not vote (sheep that have given up and succumbed to the wolf), and those that voted their "conscience" (Think this is still a Poly Sci essay).

nuff said. I'm still pissed.  Hold on to your pocket books and your retirement funds folks.  Your Golden Years are about to turn in to rusty metal.

Oh also, I suggest getting a wheel barrow before inflation skyrockets. You'll need it to carry enough US greenbacks to buy a dozen eggs.


  1. That does say a lot. Then again, back in 2008, a friend and I agreed that, after the wars with Iraq, there was no way the American people would ever elect someone with the name "Hussein." I guess it goes along with the old adage about never underestimating the stupidity of people.


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