Saturday, November 24, 2012

I call her Elise.....

Today I traded in Little Sister (9mm Smith & Wesson M&P Shield) on a Gen. 4, Glock 26.

I call her Elise.

She runs nice though I have a few user bugs that I have to work out, but it's not their arrow, it's the indian.

She's compact and runs very smooth and she doesn't beat the hell out of my hand when I shoot.

I always steered away from Glock because they were always so boxy; the 4th Generations are not like that at all.....  I love it!

By the way.... I named the AR15, Aphrodite.


  1. Nice! Wish you would have let me know about the Shield though. I would have taken it off you hands.

    1. Ah well.. I really didn't think about selling it until last weekend... was fed up with it beating my hand to death... it's a good gun, just not the gun for me.

  2. Never owned a Smith semiauto after the 59. Could shoot with the 39, the 59 not so much...
    Had three Glocks. They work.
    They have no soul as steel and walnut do - but, I'm old, I think that way!


  3. I am more of a fan of the Shield than the Glock, myself. Not that I mind Glocks, I think they are great guns. I refer to all of my plastic pistols as "ginger pistols", since they have no soul.


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