Friday, November 30, 2012


A 1998 remake.
Yet another movie on the TV that I have not watched because I was reading all you hoser's blogs.

hint: Mathew Broderick

Name the movie.

I bet Guff gets it first.


  1. Gojira...

    My favorite part is where they blow up Madison Square Garden.
    I hate the %$#@ing place.


  2. I thought you were out of Country and behind the bamboo internet curtain Ogre. They must have let you out of jail.
    You still didn't name the movie.

  3. I actually have the poster to that movie on the wall over my bed. I'll post a picture of it sometime for you.

  4. Gojira is the name of the original flick...
    Godzilla is the Westernized name of yon fearsome beastie, and the enjoyable remake where the above mentioned destruction takes place.

    Gojira is also the nickname they (locals) gave whilst I was working in the Tokyo Dome several years back... It was a great touch that when I would enter the arena they would play my theme song- Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult.
    (Also the subject of an upcoming edition of "Living my Life Like a Song.)

    Having escaped the clutches of the People Republic of Tennis (and siren song of megachinabucks if I would "stay on just a few more weeks") I'm back in the wilds of North Florida...At least until Monday next...
    Film at 11.

    (My best to all my friends at Hacienda Campana!)

  5. All you guys beat me to the punch!
    Of course! And, I always pronounce Godzilla Gojira, because I'm that kind of guy!


    I do like the first one, just because it's Raymond Burr! No, he's not Godzilla!


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