Saturday, November 17, 2012

Range Date Saturday AAR

The new toys finally got put through their paces today. I spent most of the time watching while the Lovely Belle worked at dialing in the scope on her new EvIl BlAcK rIfLE, only approaching the bench when the judge summoned  when asked. I did get to run 20 rounds through it though. That is one sweet sweet rifle.  I learned that shooting with a scope with bifocals, and astigmatism sucks.  I see two dots in the scope, and two center circles in the target.  Take your pick and fire when ready.
I might stick to iron sights when I get my own EBR.

Best part of the day by far was a visit from the one and only Son, who accompanied us to our favorite indoor pistol range. (yes, two ranges in one is good)
I was chomping at the bit to work out my new Ruger SR9c.  The short story on that is I like the hell out of that little compact 9mm - shot tight groups right out of the starting blocks.
The one and only Son has shot pistols once or twice with his Grandpa up in Kansas.  Revolvers.
 I gave him instructions on safe gun handling and let him go at it.  First two mags out of the XDm were not bad at all. I coached him on finger position on the trigger, and he got a bit better.  Then I coached him on his two handed grip and he dialed it in.  That boy Young Man is a natural pistol shooter. I watched the first round on a fresh target hole the double bull, dead center in the target. Of course then he pushed the trigger left and anticipated recoil and made a 2 inch diameter group low and left.  Target was still dead, and Dad was impressed.

I did my usual routine with both pistols, both hands, strong hand, weak hand. I was not displeased with either of my solo hand groups, with either pistol.

On the way out I fondled a Glock 17.  It fit my hand well...really well.  Perhaps I'll progress to the point where I'm fussy about triggers, but right now, the way the pistol feels in my hand, and where the front sight appears in my sight picture when I present it is everything. Someone commented in my first post when I wrote about my "new XDm" purchase not being my last.

 I suspected he was right.

Now I'm certain.

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