Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seen the latest Direct TV ads?

The cable TV DVR is full of crap we recorded ads?
It's on my pants so I can't get dressed?  It's on my wall and it's scaring me Dad?

The thing that stands out for me is that "Dad" is portrayed as a somewhat of a prick.

Yeah.   No.  That ad campaign is not connecting with this Dad at all. Actually I find it rather repelling.

Much like the metrosexual neanderthal ad campaign from Geico.

While on the subject of targeting your audience, the ads for the "HARPER", "HARPER?"...HARPER! aren't resonating with me either.

Down here, we pronounce it "Hopper".  Aside from that, it's a stupid name for a DVR hard drive.
To me, a hopper is where I put in trash to grind it up.

oh, duh. It is cable TV after all.

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