Friday, November 9, 2012

An Answer to a Mud Hut

Last night my other half posted up some snark that I have to somewhat respond to.  I can only hope that war doesn't commence in the BAR homestead once he reads this.....

Borepatch commented that Mitt couldn't motivate the Republicans to get out and vote and I couldn't agree more.

Here's the problem as I see it.

People voted for John McCain because after 8 years of Bush, the last thing that they wanted was an Obama Whitehouse, unchecked with a super majority in both the House and Senate.  Also, as much as I can't stand McCain at the very least, you can say that the guy does love his country.  He loved it enough to endure and perservere through evils that even I, with my twisted imagination, can't conceive.

Back then, Obama was the evil that we didn't know.  It was much easier for people to get out of their houses and go vote against him because at the very least, they knew that McCain (I voted for Bob Barr by the way), while not perfect, would at the very least, not trample over our basic rights that he faught to preserve, and  with a Democratic Congress, wouldn't have been able to do much damage anyway.

So let's fast forward to Mittens.

Mitt was now the evil that the country didn't know.  The problem is, that the Republican establishment had Mitt chosen before the primary even started.  Pundits such as Coulter, Limbaugh, and Hannity were all about Mitt.

We had good candidates (Herman Cain for one) and yet the press went on the attack.  These women started coming forward to make accusations, which as far as I know remain unsubstaniated to this day.  The radio talk show hosts and conservative columnists went on the attack and ruined these people to the point where the only real choice that was left.... .Mitt.

The problem with Mitt is that he was too afraid to call it like it really is and be too critical of the opposition.  He couldn't excite Republican voters because he tried to come off as too moderate.

Yes.... too moderate.

There was little difference between Mittens and Obama and without a clear, concise contrast between candidates, many folks will just figure, "meh... I'll go with the evil that I do know."

What we needed was someone who would ensure that the people knew that they wouldn't be getting more of the same, that if elected, clear conservative principles would be in the White House.  The country is in trouble.... the country is bankrupt and quite frankly, we're divided between those who love and those who dispise our country and what it stands for.

Imagine if Mittens had tapped into that national pride that Ronald Reagan did, or that Marco Rubio does.  Imagine if Mittens had simply said, "Yes, our nation isn't perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than any other place on this planet.  Our beloved country IS that shining city on the hill, though not as bright at the moment, we, as a people, can pull together and heal her."

Imagine if Mittens had reminded the population that each and every one of us has an inalienable right to self defense.  Imagine if Mittens had said, "I believe that every human being has a right to defend his own life using any tool available to him to do so, including but not limited to firearms."  rather than what he DID say which was something to the tune of, "I like guns... I hunt."

Imagine if Mittens had been more engaged in his campaign, imagine if he would have ruthlessly pointed out why Obama is a danger to our country, to our liberty, to our prosperity.  Instead, his handlers ran a campaign with kid gloves as to not offend.

The problem with this election is NOT the voters that didn't show up.  The problem is with the establishment who continuously shoves these neo-cons down our throats in an effort to woo the votes of people who aren't voting Republican and never will vote Republican anyway.

So my beloved other half, you can be mad at the voters all you want.  The problem isn't with them, it's with the party.  This election was Obama's to lose, the problem is that the Party pushed the worst possible candidate on us and now we will all pay the price.

As far as voting your conscience.  Well, I reject the notion that we should all fall in line because we don't want the other guy to win.  In fact, I feel much better voting for someone, than simply voting against someone.  After voting for Mitt, I felt dirty because instead of voting FOR Mitt...   I voted AGAINST Obama.  It left a bad taste in my mouth and that's something that I won't let happen again.

We will survive these next four years.  I have faith in that.  Hopefully by then, we will have learned a lesson.


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  1. Well let's see.
    Point number one: There was not one ounce of snark in my post. It was straight up kx59 vitriol.
    Point number two:
    US Politics is not a pep rally. It is not a poly sci class. It is not a philosophical debate.
    Elections have real life consequences.
    We can agree on one point; the Republicans are campaign retards.
    The point of my post was to call out the American People, take names and kick butts.
    If you were unable to see the road down which obama was taking us and waiting for a republican candidate to inspire you to vote for him, you are not a shepherd, you are a sheep. You've made this point empirically and eloquently.
    Apparently the preponderance of the shepherds died out with the WWII generation.
    Welcome to the united states of Venezuela.
    Enjoy your mud hut.


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