Sunday, November 11, 2012

At least a thousand rounds

This last election is going to take at least a thousand rounds of recoil therapy.  Coincidentally, that should just about break in my new carry sidearm.

I was informed last week that I would be attending the Oprah Opera with Belle today.  I share this pain only because they asked all the veterans to stand in recognition for Veteran's Day and then we sang the National Anthem.  And, I do mean "We".  The opera going crowd can belt it out. I sang least, that's what I call it.

The day started better.  We went to a gun show this morning. Belle was looking for an Evil Black Rifle.  I was looking for a more compact carry pistol.

The first booth I hit had a great selection of pistols. Being dressed for the Sunday Opera Matinee, young dude behind the tables has me pegged for suburban Dad buying his first gun.  As I was fondling shootin irons, young dude pipes up with, "we have that model with a laser over here!".  The store owner was standing there with me. I glanced up at him and lowered my eyes back to the pistol in my hands and simply commented, "don't let these clothes fool you. I don't need a laser. It's nothing more than a distraction".  Store owner snorted and sniggled.

I pretty much shopped the whole show and ultimately made my way back to the first booth I'd visited.
A bit of gun cleaning therapy with the new purchase removed the post opera fuzziness between my ears.
Now, to buy spare mags before the UN decides anything over 7 rounds is bad JuJu and procure a new holster.

If I can get Belle to post on her own damn blog, you'll get an earful about her new EBR.


  1. Tell Bell I'm jealous.

    I've been trying to get Purchase Authorization for one. It may be time to misappropriate some funds.

    1. We weren't in a "perfect" position to make the purchase, but close enough. Obama's support for the UN small arms treaty gave us a nudge.
      The Deer hunters are out and about, and not at Hot Wells on the weekends now.
      I think it's about time we had a Cypress mini-blogshoot.
      We'll bring the EBR without a name yet.


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