Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bad Automotive JuJu

 Not sure what caught up with my youngest daughter this past week.  she was a late bloomer. She didn't start driving til she was 18.  She's been driving a bit over a year and up until this past week, accident and ticket free.
Sumlady made a U turn in front of her and daughter hit sumlady's car, sumlady hit someone else's car. Cop's ticketed sumlady I believe. All I know for sure is daughter did not get the ticket.
So daughter is now dealing with the hassle of the insurance claim and getting her car fixed.
A few days later, light turns yellow and daughter stops short at the intersection. Toothless lady smacks into the back end of her Saturn.  So now the Saturn has a boo boo on both ends and two concurrent insurance claims.
Youngest daughter does not drive a lot, being a homebody.  I guess the law of averages said enough is enough and decided to re-balance the universe in a single week.
Youngest Daughter is ok. A little sore in unsymmetrical places, but otherwise fine.

In the same week, oldest daughter got hit head on by Mr. Uninsured. On a surface street fortunately.  Also fortunate that the grand children were not in the car with her.  Also fortunate that the air bag worked as advertised and she's ok as well.  The cops on the scene were righteously pissed at Mr. Uninsured, so I'm told, when they saw three children's car seats buckled into her car.

I do hope that the law of averages has found balance for a while.

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