Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mosin brass tacks

Tam posted this up: How to work a Mosin Stripper clip

When I hit the link, brain said..uh yep.  We had lot's of jams with Belle's Tokorev until we figgered this one out.

Don't remove the mag from the rifle, top load it from the breach. It was the way it was intended to be loaded.

The concept is the same for the Mosin stripper clips.  Observe the pics, and  note the angle of the rounds.

Whether in the Mosin stripper clip, or our Tokorev mag, they should be stacked thusly:


  1. Same for Enfields, only x2, because it takes two strippers to top off the 10-round mag. And the rims on rimmed cartridges always have to be ahead of the rim of the round below it or they'll bind up. Your pic shows it perfectly.

  2. Ash, my daughter in law, alerted me to this and I did the research to confirm it.

    Then I reloaded all 54 stripper clips I had.

    Still haven't tested it out on the range yet; heck just realized how much I've been slacking - I haven't had the new M44 out on the range yet either.

    Hmm....long weekend, good weather expected. Now if only I can get healthy enough to enjoy


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