Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa Always Knows Where You Are

Teke posted about the Christmas Season and it got me to thinking about a Christmas past for some reason.  Must have been the line about spending too much money. I am prone to do that.

A year or two after my second divorce, my Ex and my two youngins were headed out to Smithville to spend Christmas with my former Brother-in-law's family. My Ex was in financial straits and I wasn't doing a whole lot better , but somehow Santa had to come through.
My daughter expressed to me her worry that Santa wouldn't know where they were on Christmas Eve.
I told her not to worry, Santa would find her and her brother.
I shopped, and wrapped and boxed and fedex'ed to former BIL's house so that the two best results of my life would not be disappointed come Christmas morning.  I spent money I didn't have.
The follow up phone call from my Ex on Christmas day, made my day.

I had done well.
Those were really, really tough times.

Happiness and the pain of separation is an unusual mix of emotions to deal with at the same time.

Belle asked me why I was crying as I'm writing this post.
I told her, I'm writing a post about a Christmas past.

Santa Always Knows Where You Are.


  1. The Ghost of Christmas Past was always the most profound.

  2. Having sorta been there and done that I find it really awesome that the nephew with his wife and too small kids come by here at Christmas. They were from the ex side. They telling me that I was the best thing to come from knowing her I will let slide.


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