Friday, February 10, 2012

Tesla Unveils a new Coal Powered SUV

And it is an all wheel drive Rocket! The amazing thing about electric motors is that they produce maximum torque at all RPMs.  We are talking acceleration from 0 to 60 in time frames of seconds. (unlike the Astro Beater Van which clocked in at minutes, yes I still have it...)

Wait. Wrong Video. My bad.
EVs don't they?  I mean, electricity comes from environmentally sensitive sources right? Solar?  Windmills? Well, ok I admit those require standby fossil fuel generation plants if the wind is not blowing or it's like, you know, night time.
Wait! There's nucular generated electricity..right?  Oh, never mind.  Hippies won't let us have nucular power.  That radioactive waste thing, and..the Military!.. makes armor piercing bullets from the depleted uranium!  The harrah! Can't have that. (what will they do when Thorium reactors come on line?)
Well.  Surely from a personal economics standpoint, an electric vehicle makes sense.  I mean, how could you possibly argue that point? It only costs like 9 or 10 bucks to charge up the batteries to provide the equivilant number of miles to a tank of gas in an econobox.
Good point. Hang on I'll do the math. Assume $4 a gallon gas, 15 gallon tank, 52 weeks in the year, burn this much in a week, carry the one, stick my finger in my mouth then test the wind direction...whatever.
Econobox costs $19,000.  For 40 mile range, EV (Volt! pardon I belched) costs $40,000.  For 100 mile range, EV costs $70,000.
(more actually, working in round, wet finger numbers here...)
By the time you run the home economics numbers across it's life span, the EV will cost you twice as much as a Dodge Charger. A Toyota Yaris beats it like a drum.
Oh, I forgot to mention replacing the batteries after seven years or so. Then there's the EPA recycling fee and another car note to finance the new batteries. Or, you could buy another Yaris.
We (bonified U.S. citizens) loaned Tesla close to a half billion dollars to haul their high tech yuppie asses out of bankruptcy. Don't you just feel all happy and so, so green now?
Build your little utopian dream on your own dime. Call Steve Jobs  Bill Gates for some capital.


  1. Jeremy Clarkson wasn't impressed with the Tesla at all.

    ...Funny (not really) I can't find Jeremy's review of the Tesla on U-toob- how about that?


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