Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Shot.... Blue Team Girl Gets Axed

But of course she did......  though i thought that she hit a clay pigeon in the team challenge where several of the other guys didn't hit any.

Once again, Top Shot has disappointed me.  They have the 'token girls' on the show when in fact they really should have more than just one per team.  Three per team would be better.

Or....  a Lady Top Shot show would be nice.

I'm a stickler for this because it's my firm belief that every woman needs to learn how to handle and fire a gun.  Self protection is key and the gun is the great equalizer.

I think that a show that features women shooters might provide a little encouragement for other women.


  1. I thought the blonde guy on the Blue team with the giant holes in his ears was a whinny little brat. I would have liked to see him gone.

  2. I thought the blonde guy on the Blue team WAS a girl...

    (Yes, that is a bit chauvinist, but made for a good quip.)

    The lovely Mrs North and I thought that the girl had a chance, as she was a better shot than the Brit. She didn't get the mechanics of the spinner.

  3. I've not watched it, but I do know, at the local club, the women that shoot the matches are treated as equals, but we're all not trying to be reality TV stars and it draws a different crowd then some (NOT all) of the contestants you see on such shows.

    At least she had the guts to go on and try. Good for her!


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