Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top Shot Season 4

Well, Top Shot really snuck up on me this season.  I didn't realize the new season had started.  Anyway, I watched it last night and I think that I am going to like this season as there seems to be very little drama so far.

Also, apparently, the girls weren't the first to get voted to the elimination round.  In fact, last night, the blue team won the challenge, but the girl on the red team was only 11 seconds behind the guy that did the best....   this is a good thing, maybe she'll stick around.

As for now, I really don't have a favorite, or someone who I would like to see get the boot, though I will say that the girl on the blue team seems to like to talk a fair amount of smack.  We'll see how long she lasts.


  1. Have you watched the other show - Top Gun? It's on History2 and they simply discuss, break down, and shoot different guns.

  2. I think I've seen it a time or two. It's an okay show, I just forget that it's on


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