Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning, Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

 Random thoughts and stream of consciousness post. I suggest navigating away.
It's become patently clear to me how the Television Nooz lags behind the interwebz.  Stuff I see on the national or local nooz lags by 12 to 24 hours at least. (ok, some doesn't even show up (cough Fast and Furious? cough).
Most of what I see on TVee nooz, I've already read on the interwebz the day before, except for the local rapes, murders, car jackings, house fires, fender benders delaying 60,000 people from getting to work on time, etc., etc.
Those I locate via MapQuest to see how close they are to the BAR Hacienda.
This one is not far away, egregious, and closer to a fellow Texas blogger, Teke,  I think, whom I hope to meet at Borepatch's  Texas Citizenship Commemorative Blogshoot in April, before BP heads back to the great state of Georgia. (Good lord, two older posts links to find that post, and he apologizes for his lack of posting. The man is a blogging machine)
Where was I?  Oh, yes, I'm watching the news. The basketball player Lin whateverhisasiannameis is getting his ass allickeydup by the nooz, somehow drawing parallels to Shirley McLaine and M&M Emenem MM? whatever. No, really, the local ABC affiliate actually made the comparisons.
Until Lin bounces one off the rim to...lose the game.
Look! A Sparkly Thing! (was that a squirrel?)

Well, that was random. Categories are going to be a challenge. Welcome to the Asylum.


  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one in the room! Oh, and I'll have one of what you're having. Please?

  2. kx59, Looking at the listed dates I am not booked so I will be working on T.A. (Travel Authorization) from the Mrs. to try to be able to go. If not we may just have to plan to drive the 10 minutes up the street and meet at one of the local places.
    Having 3 under the age of 9 makes it hard for me to do weekend get a ways on my own.

  3. Teke, understood. Have a brood myself, mostly grown now.
    I suggest a SE Texas blogshoot at Shiloh. Perhaps you could arrange things for the Missus to come as well, and she could meet the owner of the blog, The Southern Belle.

  4. CoolChange?... that was you over there in the corner?
    I thought I was hallucinating.
    You should come down too.
    Time to have a local blogshoot.
    Email me:
    Anyone else interested, do so as well.


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