Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And it starts

With Gov. Rick Perry entering the race, the libs are already on the attack.

I'm not a huge fan of Governor Good Hair, but I would rather have him as our nominee than RINO Romney.

This is from moveon.org (not linked because they aren't worth linking) 10 Things You Need to Know about Rick Perry.  I am responding to each item .

1.  He actually believes that Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional.

Well duh.  Technically they are unconstitutional.  There is nothing in the constitution that states that the Federal Government should provide medical insurance and as far as Social Security is concerned, the Soros gang fails to mention that FDR had to stack the USSC by adding more liberal justices to get Social Security found constitutional.  It's the redistribution of wealth, plain and simple.

2.  He let a likely innocent man be executed despite new evidence.

Actually Perry was following state law and the new evidence wasn't confirmed until after said execution.  However, I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty and if there was reasonable suspicion that the guy could be innocent, I would have given him a temporary stay.

3.  One in four Texas kids are in poverty yet that didn't stop him from gutting child services.

Okay, this statement is disingenuous.  Keep in mind that Texas is overrun with illegal aliens so IF this statitistic is true, you need to stop and look at the kids who are in poverty.  Are they children of illegals that we are forced to educate via Federal law? Yes they are.  The fact of the matter is that because of required bi-lingual education and other programs that are designed to keep kids dependent on government, our budget was headed for trouble.  Cuts HAD to be made and I'm sorry but cutting services in an area where a large amount of the recipients are here ILLEGALLY doesn't bother me one bit.  Our resources need to go to those who respect our immigration laws and of course to our citizens.

4.  Texas is the most uninsured state, again they claim one in four (they love that number) do not have health insurance.

Again, it's illegal immigration.  If they are not here legally, do you really think they're going to buy health insurance?

5.  He strongly supported laws that made it illegal to be in a gay relationship.

I give them that one.  Yes, that is awful of him and I disagree with Perry on the gay issue, however, it's not fair to leave out the fact that we had an election regarding gay marriage and making it legal or illegal....  While I voted against the proposed amendment, Texans voted to define marriage in Texas between a man and a woman.

6.  A climate change denier, he is responsible for the nation's most polluting state.

Really?  Has anyone seen the smog in L.A. lately?  I can't really believe that they are still on the whole climate change issue considering that their junk science has been totally debunked and proven to be a lie.  But let's say that we are the most polluting state, could it be because our industry is alive and well here and the economy is the strongest in the union?  Nah.  couldn't be.

7.  He used emergency measures to force women to get sonograms before abortions.

Yeah, I don't agree with this one either, however, what they leave out is that these women aren't forced to look at the sonograms.  The doctor just has to perform one to be sure that the fetus isn't too far along to perform the abortion, and to be sure that the woman is not in danger of complications after said abortion.  Sounds like responsible 'doctoring' to me.

8.  Glenn Beck says he wants to give Perry a French Kiss.

Okay, how does this reflect on Perry?  Glenn Beck is the boogy man or are they just closet homophobes?  Glenn Beck is a little off his rocker, however, he exposed Soros and Co. for what they really are, so could it be the folks at Moveon.org have an axe to grind with Beck?  No... couldn't be.

9.  He denounced Obama's stimulus and then used to rescue his state's floundering budget.

Really?  I don't think that our budget was ever really 'floundering' except in some areas.  As far as stimulus money goes, last I checked, Texas citizens pay taxes so if stimulus was accepted, it was done so that we get a bit of our tax dollars given back to our state rather than it all going to states like Illinois and California, and New York, etc. etc.

10.  He's issued vague threats of Texas seceeding from the union.

I knew they would use this one.  The fact is, that Perry said that Texas could do it one day if we were pushed far enough and the Feds made Texas citizens angry enough.  Taxes and regulation and the fact that the federal government is constantly grabbing power away from the states could indeed cause Texans, who by nature, are proud and independent and want to be left alone.  I don't think this is a bad attitude for any state to have.

We are citizens, not subjects and it does the Federal Government some good to be reminded of that every now and then.

So as far as Gov. Good Hair goes, the Soros crowd is as wrong as ever in most of their points.  The sad part is, the MSM thinks that this crap is gospel.  We'll just have to see how it plays out.


  1. Uh, didn't he used to work for John Kerry? Does that make him a political opportunist? What about the very non-libertarian support of toll roads in Texas?
    sign me,
    Just Wondering

  2. Yes Guffaw, but remember, when he worked for Kerry, that was well over 20 years ago and he was a Conservative Democrat. Texas was once a state that voted heavily Democrat until the early 90's.

    He's not a Libertarian and yes he supported toll roads, and still does which I dislike that about the man to this day.

    I was merely addressing the claims on Moveon's site.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it.

  4. No problem GFA, anytime... ;-)

    I'm not a huge fan of Rick Perry's however, he's better than Mitt Romney.

    I'm still hoping for Ron Paul, but it probably won't happen.


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